Your environmental responsibility doesn’t have to affect your bottom line.

To Protect and Comply: SDS Made Simple.

Product stewardship is your responsibility for the health and safety of the world. And it starts with accurate, efficient SDS authoring.

Smart Reporting for Safety and Compliance

Ensuring the safety of your products is a necessary step in the overall success of your business and the health of the environment, but the stringent regulations surrounding chemical compliance and hazardous labeling can present a dilemma if not managed properly. And setting up an efficient, effective compliance procedure to meet these needs is not only good business practice, it’s business critical.

We provide a comprehensive set of regulatory document management tools to help you comply and protect, efficiently and effectively. Offering flexibility and customization, our regulatory software solution can accommodate your organization’s unique chemical reporting systems and regulatory management needs.

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Solution Features

Our SDS Technology for Chemical Reporting

Take Control of SDS Reporting.

Generate GHS compliant SDSs with our modular approach to SDS creation. Capabilities include rules-based logic for automatically generating new documents, cost-effective compliance for all product formulation changes, and a database of all necessary chemical information.

Distribute Your Docs.

Automatically dispatch the appropriate documents with format flexibility, history retrieval, and extensive archiving features to maintain a proper paper trail. Right-to-know compliance features are also included.

Label Like a Pro.

Integrate both product and HAZMAT product labeling, while keeping full control of the format, size, and content. And the dynamic generation feature means you can produce labels on the fly that sync with your SDS’s. Labeling can print on virtually any PC-compatible printer with a Windows driver.

Publish. Print. Protect.

Publish documents to electronic repositories accessible via the internet or your local intranet. Highly configurable security settings allow you to restrict access at the document level.

Embrace Formula Changes. Drop the Duplicates.

Accommodate product changes and automatically build new SDS’s every time your products are formulated. Have SDSs ready for distribution in real-time, and automatically transmit the bill of material information to eliminate the duplication of data across systems.

Take Stock with Smart Reporting.

Receive inventory information directly from an ERP system for the purposes of local, regional, and national chemical inventory reports. Generate compliant hazard communications using chemical formulation data.

Capabilities Checklist

Achieve & maintain GHS-compliant SDSs authoring

Real-time access

to published SDS’s and other documents via your standard web browser

Dynamic generation

of fully customized hazardous product labels on-demand

Automated database-driven

document creation to guarantee consistency between product SDS’s and corresponding labels


GHS, EU, ANSI, OSHA, WHMIS and/or custom format SDS’s


such as Tier II, Sara 313, VOC, HAPS, state and other ad-hoc reports

ERP integration

for purposes of order-based SDS & label generation, document distribution, product formula loading, inventory disclosure reporting, and more.

No costly

software upgrades with active support & maintenance agreement

We support

41 separate languages and sub-languages, with full translations of the standard phrase library available for an increasing number of languages

Online customer support

portal for submitting/tracking open requests and accessing system documentation including a knowledge base, user guides, etc.

Education and Training

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