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GHS Compliance 101

GHS is the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, a standardized approach to communicating the hazards of chemicals and how to safely handle them. In other words, GHS is a set of hazard communication compliance mandates that your company must meet, for responsible product stewardship and the safety of the world around you.

Manufacturing, importing, storing, or distributing hazardous materials means your company is obligated to not only meet GHS compliance, but also to take responsibility to reduce the environmental, health, and safety impact of your products throughout their lifespan.

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Chemical Reporting Compliance Simplified

You don’t need a team of in-house experts to navigate the ever-changing, increasingly complex regulatory landscape around the world. You simply need the right tools to get compliant, stay compliant, and get back to business.

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GHS Compliance Capabilities

Standardized Phrase Library

Our libraries include the statements and symbols you need to generate GHS-compliant SDSs and labels.

Formulation Logic

Formulation updates and classifications are simple with through both a GHS and EU CLP classification engines.

Ready, Set, GO GHS

Access over 4,000 GHS pre-classified chemicals

Interface for Efficiency

Minimize manual data entry for product recipes and formulas by interfacing directly with your ERP and manufacturing systems.

Education and Training

A World of Knowledge Delivered

Get the training you need, with programs specifically tailored either to your business, or to the individual needs of your team members. Our flexible, instructor-guided training programs are offered via online conference, or we can come to you to conduct onsite training classes. We are prepared to support and train you, wherever your business resides.

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